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Responsive Checker

Responsive Checker enables you to test and look at your site’s responsiveness on various devices one after another. Responsive Checker likewise enables you to change the direction of the choose device and furthermore enables you to reload the device outline without reviving the entire page.Before we know all details about Responsive checker and also how to your website checking by responsive checker first to know all details about Responsive Website design and why this is so important.

What is Responsive Website Design

In Responsive website design, Web site pages are intended to look great and display on different of devices of various screen sizes without making separate site pages (separate portable site and so on.) for various screen sizes.

The fundamental character of responsive web site page is that it sorts out the substance well paying little mind to screen size of the device. Such pages/sites are called responsive web site pages/web sites.

Importance Of Responsive Website Design

When you browse some website using your phone and the website does not look presentable (design is broken or features are not working) on your phone. Or the content (include images, text and videos etc.) of the website is not presentable on your phone screen. Surely you will get off from the website early. And look forward to search an alternative, right. So this is reason why you should have responsive design for your website.After design your website you should check the website’s responsiveness by different ways.Responsive design checker is one of them.

Responsive Design Layout

Responsive web design is a way to deal with site page creation that utilizes flexible Responsive design layouts, flexible pictures and css media queries. The objective of responsive structure is to assemble site pages that identify the guest’s screen size and direction and change the design in like manner.The website is responsive or not is decided by Responsive design checker tools.

What is Responsive Tesing

Responsive testing is utilized to check the presence of a site with RWD(Responsive Web Design). This structure encourages a site to render the substance in an adaptable yet proper way based on the gadgets and OS on which it gets called.

Responsive checker is used for website Responsive Testing.

Advantages Of Responsive Testing

After Successful Responsive Testing via responsive design checker tools Your Website gets following benefits:

1.More Mobile Traffic

Responsive Testing will cause your Web site is responsive. The Responsive Website is responsible for mobile friendly, to improve the manner in which it looks on gadgets with both huge and little screens, and increment the measure of time that guests spend on your site. Responsive Testing helps the website is responsive which can likewise enable you to improve your rankings in web search tools.

2.Faster Mobile Development at Lower Costs

Responsive web site takes impressively less time than holding fast alone versatile application notwithstanding a standard desktop website.

3.Lower Maintenance Needs

Investing less energy in maintenance likewise saves time to concentrate on increasingly significant things like advertising and substance creation.

4.Faster Webpages

Responsive website uses modern performance techniques such as caching and responsive image display will help improve your webpage’s loading speed.Responsive Design Checker is responsible for to check website’s responsiveness.

5.Lower Bounce Rates

A responsive and optimized mobile site provides a much better user experience for the visitor. Therefore, it is much more likely that they’ll stick around for a longer period of time and explore different areas of your site.

6.Higher Conversion Rates

Responsive website that looks professional on all platforms makes users less likely to get frustrated or turn to a competitor.

7.Easier Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics and similar tools now cater to responsive websites by condensing tracking and analytics into a single report so that you can see how your content is performing on different devices.

8.Improved SEO

Having a single website which responsive is checked by responsive design checker is rather than separate desktop and mobile versions avoids the issue of duplicate content, which can negatively impact your search ranking.

How to responsive testing

Responsive testing Firstly,Open the responsive testing web site from a desktop, tablet and a mobile. The pictures on the responsive site page ought to be difference for all the three gadgets. Open the Responsive testing Website from a website and check the picture on the web site page. Presently resize the window to that of a tablet and check the picture.Responsive Design checker is another way which is used for responsive testing.

These are common resolutions which support the following devices:


Desktop & Laptop

360x640 375x667 414x736 360x720 720x1280 320x568 412x846 412x732 360x740 375x812
360x760 320x570 320x534 1080x1920 540x960 640x360 393x786 414x896 240x320 360x780


768x1024 1280x800 1024x1366 600x1024 834x1112 601x962 800x1280 962x601 1024x768 1024x600
1280x720 600x960 834x1194 960x600 534x854 600x976 1280x752 360x640 1920x1080 854x534


1366x768 1920x1080 1440x900 1536x864 1600x900 1280x800 1024x768 1280x1024 1280x720 360x640
1680x1050 2560x1440 1360x768 1920x1200 360x720 800x600 2048x1152 320x570 1280x768 1093x615

There are other methods to testing the website is responsive or not.

Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

Responsive web design testing tool is a free online device created to avoid from testing cost and render constant survey understanding on numerous screen goals and their particular gadgets.

Responsive web design testing tool enables developers and designers to get a thought of how their site will deal with most famous gadgets. Simply enter the URL in the Responsive web design testing tool . You need to test by responsive web design testing tool and perceive how the page is rendered on some conventional screens. It likewise watches that the site is improved for all devices.

Standards and Guidelines for Responsive Web Design Testing

Here are some significant standards and rules for compelling responsive web design testing.
Content Alignment – Ensure that picture and content are adjusted splendidly
Interactive Zones – Pay extraordinary regard for these zones
Cushioning – Check for exact cushioning over all limits
Text styles – Ensure that text dimension, style and shading are reliably kept up over the site/application
Looking over – Ensure that adaptable looking over is offered to end client
Route – Simplify route between inside site pages
Limits – Make sure that content, pictures and edges are inside the limits
Investigation – Utilize Google examination to outline the gadgets and programs utilized by shoppers
Ordering – Ensure responsive applications are recorded via web indexes
Menus – Navigation menus must be intended for an expansive scope of gadgets

Tips for Responsive Web Design Testing – Chrome and Firefox Browsers

The most recent web programs permit changing window size to famous Responsive web design testing tools.

In Firefox, use Ctrl + Shift + M order to accomplish this capacity

Google Chrome has propelled choices accessible under designer instruments, which likewise enables analyzers to copy a particular cell phone (Developer Tools > Settings > Show ‘Imitating’ see in support cabinet)